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My Book of Indoor Games


Clarence Squareman

With full page
illustrations from
loaned by The
Chicago Park

The publishers gratefully acknowledge their thanks to the Chicago Park Commission for the loan of the photographs of which the half tone illustrations used in this book are copies.



"Let the child imbibe in the full spirit of play. There is nothing like it to keep him on the path of health, right thinking and mind development."

That is the guiding purpose of the author. The reader will find in this book a collection of old and present day games. The student of Play has long realized that there are no new games, that all our games of today are built on the old timers.

The purpose of My Book of Indoor Games is to furnish amusement, entertainment and to be the means of sociability. So very often the question comes upó"What shall we do?" In many cases this book serves only as a reminder, the games and parlor tricks are well known.........................


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