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(HarleyDavidson Model WLA)

Dissemination of restricted matter.—The information contained in restricted documents, and the essential characteristics of restricted materiel, may be given to any person known to be in the service of the United States, and to persons of undoubted loyalty and discretion who are cooperating in Government work, but will not be communicated to the public or to the press except by authorized military public relations agencies. (See also paragraph 18b, AR 380–5, 28 September 1942.)


a. This technical manual is published for the information and guidance of the using arm personnel charged with the operation, maintenance, and minor repair of this materiel.

b. In addition to a description of the Harley Davidson motorcycle, this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel. The manual is divided into two parts. Part One, section I through section VI, gives vehicle operating instructions. Part Two, section VII through section XXV, gives vehicle maintenance instructions to using arm personnel charged with the responsibility of doing maintenance work within their jurisdiction.

c. In all cases where the nature of the repair, modifications, or adjustment is beyond the scope or facilities of the unit, the responsible ordnance service should be informed so that trained personnel with suitable tools and equipment may be provided, or........................


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