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How To Tell The Birds
From The Flowers
And Other Wood-cuts.

A Revised Manual of Flornithology for Beginners.


Verses and Illustrations
By Robert Williams Wood.

Published By Duffield and Co.
New York.


Duffield and Co.


By other Nature books I'm sure,

You've often been misled,

You've tried a wall-flower to secure.

And "picked a hen" instead:

You've wondered what the egg-plants lay,

And why the chestnut's burred,

And if the hop-vine hops away,

It's perfectly absurd.

I hence submit for your inspection,

This very new and choice collection,

Of flowers on Storks, and Phlox of birds,

With some explanatory words.

Not every one is always able

To recognize a vegetable,......................


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