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The Anatomie of


The Art of Iugling set forth in his proper colours,
fully, plainly, and exactly, so that an ignorant person may thereby
learn the full perfection of the same, after a little practise.


Then take up one of the three bals with your right hand, and seeme to put it under the cup B, but retaine it, and then say by the powder of experience, Iubeo, come away when I bid you under this cup A, then take up B, and say, see you sirs, hee scornes to tarry under this cup, but is crept under here: then take the cup A. and they will wonder how it came thither. Then say Gentlemen, and you see here is but one, and in setting it downe, convey that in your right hand under it, then with your right hand take up the second Ball, and seeme to put it into your left hand, shutting your left hand in due time:.............................


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