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The Potter's Craft
A Practical Guide for the Studio and Workshop


Director of the New York State School of Clay-Working and Ceramics

Some time a Superintendent in the Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester, England




Since the publication of the first edition of this book eleven years have elapsed, years packed full of varied and interesting experiences.

During that time it has been the pleasant fortune of the author to conduct classes, especially summer classes, in the science and art of pottery production. These have been occasions of meeting many fine and noble personalities whom to know is a liberal education. As one of the consequences of these experiences the book has been revised and some new chapters have been written. Especial acknowledgments are due and are gratefully made to Elsie Binns for the chapter on Clay-Working for Children and to Maude Robinson for that on Alkaline Glazes.

The photographs are by the Taylor Studios, Hornell, N. Y.

C. F. B.

Alfred, New York.

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