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Mrs. Albert Leigh


How I Started A Successful Home Business

In the following pages will be found valuable instructions to all who have applied for them. They are for your own use, and should not be given or loaned to others, if you wish to succeed yourself.

My advice to all is to begin this little book at the beginning, and read it carefully to the end, then begin work in earnest—experience is the best teacher, and I wish to show you, from my own experience how I succeeded in building up a successful business right here in my own home, in spare time only. For the first year my profits were over $200.00.

There is no royal road to success, nor do I know of any in which patience and perseverance are more requisite than in the Lace Curtain Laundry Business, though the work is easy, pleasant and to all who master these instructions and apply them persistently, should not fail to achieve the success that I have, and more.....................


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