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Loops—Are made by putting the thread with which double stitches are made over a pin, and there must be one or more Double stitches between each loop. By holding the pin point towards the right hand, between the forefinger and thumb of the left, the thread can be lifted over by the 2nd finger of the right hand, and many loops made without removing[4] it. With reversed double stitches, the thread is lifted over by the shuttle as the 2nd stitch is being made. Loops can also be made by putting the shuttle thread over the pin.

Ovals—Form the cotton of the shuttle you are directed to work with into a loop round the hand, and begin working the stitches. If composed of double stitches only (with perhaps one loop in the centre), it is called a plain oval. If of several loops, a looped oval.

A Join—Is always made by drawing the thread with which the stitches are worked through the specified loop or space, and passing the shuttle through the loop formed by the thread thus drawn through, making it equal in length to an ordinary loop. To make a join, 2 threads or an oval are necessary.....................


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