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Squab Breeding



A complete practical guide for the beginner as well as the experienced breeder.


Reliable information gleaned from the experience of a lifetime in the work.


Full instructions on all points from the installation of the plant to the marketing of the product.


Des Moines, Iowa



No business has had such a wonderful growth within the last few years as the raising of squabs for market. Only a few years ago the use of squabs for food was confined to a few of the most wealthy families. Game was plentiful and cheap and those who were not very well off preferred quail and other game birds to paying the high prices asked for the few squabs which were sent to market.

Gradually the demand for squabs grew larger, as more people became acquainted with their delicacy and good qualities as food, and this led to larger numbers being produced. Soon all the larger markets furnished squabs and then the smaller ones began to supply them and now many a comparatively small market is not complete without squabs as a part of the supplies of food kept..........................


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