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With no pretense to authorship or claim for originality on the part of the compiler, this work is offered as a reference book. For many, the plain facts of each year’s Kentucky Derby will be of sufficient interest. To the countless followers of Turf happenings the material herein will refresh the memory and awaken happy reminiscence.

This compilation is made mainly from the columns of The Thoroughbred Record, a Kentucky publication, and I am indebted to the graciousness of its editor, Mr. John E. Rubbathan, for the privilege to use the material from his invaluable repository. Mr. Douglas Anderson, author of “Making the American Thoroughbred,” by his encouragement has made light the labor incident to compilation. To Mr. Gurney C. Gue, of the New York Herald, I owe a debt of gratitude for his helpful advice.

In conclusion, if these efforts prove acceptable to my brethren of the Turf and tend in any degree to promote and keep up the spirit of Racing, the object in giving as much time to the subject as I have done, will be accomplished and my end attained........................


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