Of the Division of this Treatise.

I Shall divide this Treatise on Chocolate into three Parts: In the First, after I have given a Description of the Cocao Tree, I shall explain how it is cultivated, and give an Account how its Fruit is prepared: In the Second, I shall speak of the Properties of Chocolate; and in the Third, of its Uses.

The Description of the Cocao-Tree.

The Cocao-Tree is moderately tall and thick, and either thrives, or not, according to the Quality of the Soil wherein it grows: Upon the Coast of Caraqua, for instance, it grows considerably larger than in the Islands belonging to the French.

Its Wood is porous, and very light; the Bark is pretty firm, and of the Colour of Cinnamon, more or less dark, according to the Age of the Tree. The Leaves are about nine Inches long, and four in breadth, where they are broadest; for they grow less towards.................................


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