The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

T. H. Pardo De Tavera
Doctor en Medicina de la Facultad de Paris, Comisionado Cientifico de S. M. en las Islas Filipinas y Delegado General en las Mismas de la Société Académique Indo-Chinoise de Francia, Miembro Fundador Correspondiente de la Sociedad Española de Higiene, Etc.
Translated and Revised by
Jerome B. Thomas, Jr., A.B., M.D.
Captain and Assistant Surgeon, U. S. V.

P. Blakiston’s Son & Co.
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Some physicians regard with small favor the therapeutic application of plants by the Filipino “herb-doctors” (curanderos) as being entirely empirical. This disparagement is unjustified because in all the most rational and scientific remedies that we make use of, the first step towards the final development of their relative position among remedies is due to empiricism which is founded on daily experience, on observation of results obtained in specific cases, facts that are handed down from father to son for generations. The scientific explanation is lacking, but those first ideas frequently owing their origin to chance, or, perhaps, to superstition, have often been based upon the observation of facts which, although fortuitous, are none the less positive........................


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