An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Horticulture, Landscape Art and Forestry.

GARDEN AND FOREST will be devoted to Horticulture in all its branches, Garden Botany, Dendrology and Landscape Gardening, and will discuss Plant Diseases and Insects injurious to vegetation.

Professor C. S. Sargent, of Harvard College, will have general editorial control of GARDEN AND FOREST.

Professor Wm. G. Farlow, of Harvard College, will have editorial charge of the Department of Cryptogamic Botany and Plant Diseases.

Professor A. S. Packard, of Brown University, will have editorial charge of the Department of Entomology.

Mr. Wm. A. Stiles will be the Managing Editor.

GARDEN AND FOREST will record all noteworthy discoveries and all progress in science and practice within its field at home and abroad. It will place scientific information clearly and simply before the public, and make available for the instruction of all persons interested in garden plants the conclusions reached by the most trustworthy investigators. Arrangements have been made to figure and describe new and little-known plants (especially North American) of horticultural promise. A department will be devoted to the history and ...................


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